Tower 28 Partnered With Gander to Generate UGC & to Increase Conversion Rates

Tower 28
October 4, 2022
8 min read


Tower 28 was founded on the belief that beauty and skincare can be made with clean, high-quality ingredients. To bring diversity and inclusivity into the beauty industry, they partnered with Gander to generate high-quality UGC and showcase it on their site. By utilizing Gander, Tower 28 experienced a 28% increase in conversion rate and an average of 13 more seconds per page view.



Amy Liu dealt with eczema all her adult life and was frustrated that her only solutions were clinical products that didn't speak to her - so she created Tower 28. With 15+ years in the beauty industry, Amy knew what ingredients are best for people with sensitive skin. Named after a Santa Monica lifeguard tower, Tower 28 symbolizes community, healthy fun, and clean living.

With the premise of community and inclusivity, Tower 28 made it a point to create products that support all skin types and tones. They knew it wasn't enough to have diverse models on their site but to represent their customers with user-generated content (UGC). 



By utilizing Gander’s diverse network of content creators, they were able to generate high-quality UGC at an affordable price. With their large creator network, Gander manages the end-to-end production of UGC. From sourcing content creators, creating briefs, and producing the final content - Gander takes the stress out of generating quality UGC so brands can focus more on their business.

Tower 28 also used Gander’s video embedding tool to embed their UGC videos directly onto their site so that shoppers can more efficiently shade-match and learn why Tower 28 is a perfect match for them.



After installing Gander’s Shopify app, Tower 28 quickly saw the obvious benefit of partnering with Gander. Tower 28 was able to…

  • Increase conversion rate by 28%
  • Easily generate high-quality UGC
  • And increase time per page by 13 seconds

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