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How Plufl Drove a 9.7x Conversion Rate Increase with Gander

December 21, 2023
6 min read
We have increased project outcomes by
  • +9.7% Conversion Rate Lift
  • Shopify Platform
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After receiving a deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner on Shark Tank, the demand for Plufl skyrocketed. The buzz did not stop there. Plufl was also featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, and Fox. With all the new users shopping on their site, Plufl utilized Gander as a solution to help convert these new shoppers into first-time customers. 

By using Gander’s video embedding tool, they were able to significantly increase their site engagement as well as conversions.

Here is how they did it…

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Plufl founders, Yukki & Noah, began their Plufl journey in college when they realized there were no comfortable spots on campus to take a nap. One day, they noticed a large dog napping in a huge dog bed on campus and it hit them. Dog beds, but for humans! 

From then on, Plufl’s main goal was to help people get the rest they deserved, wherever, whenever. They didn’t just stop there. They also wanted to create a product that would help alleviate stress and anxiety. Yukki and Noah created the world’s first dog bed for humans to help reduce stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. They created a better and more convenient way to nap anywhere you want. 

However, the company faced challenges in finding an effective way to showcase their product and drive conversions. That's where Gander's UGC video embedding tool came in.


Finding a Solution that Does Not Impact Site Speed

One of the biggest challenges faced by Plufl was finding a way to showcase their product without slowing down their website. Plufl's website is image-heavy, which made it difficult to add videos without negatively impacting site speed. They tried various solutions, including self-hosting videos and using third-party video hosting services, but none of them proved effective.

Plufl's website is also a key sales channel for the company, and any slowdown in site speed could result in lost sales. So, finding a solution that was both effective in showcasing their product and did not impact site speed was crucial.

Proving a Meaningful ROI

Another challenge faced by Plufl was proving a meaningful return on investment (ROI) for any marketing campaigns. Plufl's product is unique and nuanced, and it can be difficult to convey its features and benefits to potential customers. The company had tried various marketing strategies in the past, including social media ads and influencer marketing, but none of them resulted in a significant increase in sales.

Solution: Using Gander's UGC Video Embedding Tool

Plufl found a solution to both of their challenges by partnering with Gander and using their UGC video embedding tool. The tool allowed Plufl to showcase user-generated videos on their website, without impacting site speed. Plufl also found that user-generated content was more effective in engaging potential customers, as it provided social proof of the quality and effectiveness of their product.

Plufl encouraged customers to submit videos, and showcased these videos on their website. The videos were high-quality and engaging, and provided potential customers with a clear understanding of how the human dog beds could be used to encourage creativity and imagination in children.

Results: A 9.7x Increase in Conversion

The results of using Gander's UGC video embedding tool were remarkable. Plufl saw a 9.7x increase in conversion, meaning that almost 10 times more visitors to their website made a purchase after watching the user-generated videos. The videos were also successful in driving traffic to Plufl's website, resulting in a 12% increase in website traffic.

Plufl was able to use Gander to educate, inspire, engage, and most importantly, drive more sales. The user-generated videos showcased the unique features and benefits of Plufl's product in an engaging and informative manner. The videos also provided potential customers with social proof of the quality and effectiveness of Plufl's products, which helped build trust and credibility.

Plufl also found that the user-generated videos were effective in driving repeat purchases. Customers who purchased Plufl's products after watching the videos were more likely to become repeat customers, as they were more satisfied with their purchase.

The Bottom Line

Plufl faced challenges in finding an effective way to showcase their unique and nuanced product, without negatively impacting site speed. They also struggled to prove a meaningful ROI for any marketing campaigns. However, by partnering with Gander and using their UGC video embedding tool, Plufl was able to overcome these challenges and drive a 9.7x increase in conversion. Looking to drive the same results on your site? Request a demo with Gander today.