How South Asian apparel brand Sani used Gander to drive a 10x increase in conversion

December 19, 2023
4 min read
We have increased project outcomes by
  • +4% Conversion Rate Lift
  • +14% Engagement Rate
  • 32.4x ROI

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Sani is a South Asian apparel brand founded by sisters Ritika and Niki. Motivated by a desire to connect with their Indian heritage, the sisters set up Sani to provide a way for women everywhere to channel the radiant energy rooted in South Asian fashion. The brand offers an assortment of high-quality culturally inspired clothing and accessories.

However, the brand needed to drive conversions and create a better shopping experience for online customers who need to feel or try the product on.

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By partnering with Gander, Sani has been able to show off the fit and feel of their products online by using high-quality video content. Customers can now see exactly what they're purchasing and can trust the quality and uniqueness of the Sani brand.

The Bottom Line

With our solutions, Sani experienced a 10x conversion rate post engagement and increased sales on a high AOV product. By using Gander, Sani have been able to:

  • Show their products in real life. Customers can get a good look at the clothes from various angles and get a better impression of the fabric texture, fit, and color.
  • Build confidence and trust with their customers.
  • Increase the amount of time and engagements spent on their site

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