How Gander Helped Antsy Labs Increase Conversion Rate by 37%

Antsy Labs
October 24, 2022
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Rising to popularity over the last decade for their fidget toys, Antsy Labs drives thousands of new user traffic every week. With new users visiting their site, Antsy Labs looked to Gander to showcase the quality of their products on their site and to generate high-quality UGC. By partnering with Gander, Antsy Labs was able to increase their conversion rate by 37% within a few days.



Antsy Labs was founded on the idea of helping people stay focused and present. With their large amount of success over the years, they gathered competition from lower-quality products so they looked for solutions that can help showcase their high-quality products and what makes them different from the hundreds of knockoff products on the market.




By utilizing Gander’s 1000+ network of content creators, Antsy Lab was able to produce high-quality UGC that properly showcased their products. Antsy Labs was also able to take this newly produced UGC and embed it directly onto their website without a single line of code. With Gander’s solution, they not only increased their conversion rate but also received UGC that can be utilized in all of their marketing channels and showcase the quality of their products.



With Gander’s help, Antsy Labs was able to…

  • Increase conversion rate 34%
  • Produce high-quality UGC
  • Demonstrate product quality & how to use it

Ready to Humanize Your Online Store?

+34% conversion rate lift
+11x added time on site
+18% engagement rate