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11 Product Video Examples To Consider for Your Next Marketing Campaign

December 14, 2023


For today’s eCommerce brands, engaging visual representation isn’t a nice-to-have — it’s essential for growth and sustained success.

For many products, static visuals (photos) are no longer enough either. Product videos can convey far more information and drive conversions in ways pictures just can’t.

If you’re considering making product videos a part of your digital marketing strategy, we’ve collected some of the best product video examples on the internet. We’ll show you 11 of them below, then leave you with some tips on how to create your own.

What Is a Product Video?

A product video showcases a product in a way that helps buyers make a purchasing decision. Brands usually use product videos to visually show a product's features, benefits, and usability (along with how it works), with the goal of increasing conversion rates. They are most common on the corresponding product page of an eCommerce website.

Product videos are distinct from other forms of video marketing a brand might use, such as advertising or promotional videos. A social media ad might feature a product heavily, but it contains additional content that wouldn’t make sense in a product video. 

Key Benefits of Using Product Videos for eCommerce Marketing

Before diving into specific examples of effective product videos, let’s look at some of the big-picture advantages product videos offer.

Better Product Understanding

One of the most powerful reasons to use product videos is that they give prospective customers a better understanding of the product. For many products, still photos and a text description aren’t enough to explain dimensions, usability, or even what exactly the product does. 

But a 15-second video showing a real person using or operating the product can answer every question the shopper has. 

Increased Conversion Rates

Videos also instill confidence in customers, leading to higher sales. It feels easier to get a sense of product quality and usability when you see the product in action. A customer who might have been unsure about the product based on photos alone turns into a confident buyer — all thanks to the product video.

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More Customer Engagement

Videos engage the potential customer’s eyes and brain, making them far better at capturing attention than static content. But beyond that, product videos can be interactive, drawing users into an engaging experience that photos can’t replicate.

See how Gander empowers brands and creators to execute flawless interactive video content. 

Better SEO

Videos can also boost your search engine optimization (SEO), bumping you up in the search engine results page (SERP). That’s because search engines prioritize content-rich sites and sites people spend longer on. 

Google measures bounce rate and dwell time (time on page), assuming that the longer users stick around, the better job a page does at satisfying their search.

So, when a user sticks around longer to watch that interesting product video, your brand gets a little SEO boost.

Improved Mobile Experience

Last, videos (especially vertical videos) are more mobile-friendly than static product photos, offering users a better experience on smaller screens.

11 Product Video Examples To Use As Inspiration for Your Campaign

Now that you know what product videos are and why your business needs them, it’s time for some inspiration! 

Here are 11 brands using product videos in incredibly effective ways. We’ll show you each, along with some pointers on why they work so well.


ASOS is a family of fashion brands with a style-forward aesthetic. With an incredibly wide range of products, individual product videos aren’t always feasible here. Instead, the brand produces eye-catching fashion videos that quickly highlight its brand aesthetics.

Take a look at this example video, which demonstrates ASOS’s commitment to inclusivity with a wide range of styles and sizes: 

2. Nike

A brand that needs no introduction, Nike is a global leader in athletic footwear and apparel.

Yet, in a sea of competing products (not to mention its own catalog — so deep any athlete could practically drown in it), standing out isn’t easy.

Check out the way Nike harnesses storytelling in this great product video for the Lebron 17: 

This powerful product video has no voiceover or narration whatsoever. It’s a visual statement that informs audiences (this is a high-end basketball shoe built for responsiveness). But it also connects with them emotionally (charged language, celebrity imagery, combination of sport and science).

3. Patagonia

Patagonia is an outdoor performance-wear company known primarily for its jackets and coats. The brand is understated, not pretentious, and that shows up in product videos like this one for the Men’s Torrentshell Jacket: 

This video isn’t flashy. Marketers might even call it a bit boring. But it’s effective. Patagonia uses straightforward messaging to demonstrate the value of its products while reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. 

As the video progresses, viewers get close-up views of how the adaptable hood and layered zipper work — features that product imagery alone can’t convey as clearly.

4. Gillette

Gillette is a 120-year-old brand known for razors and shaving accessories. Continued relevance in a commodity market is always tricky, but Gillette has maintained a competitive edge for over a century.

Check out how Gillette effectively showcases the features of a new product in this recent video ad, and look for the ways the company plays with and reinforces its brand identity: 

The ad simultaneously acknowledges the brand’s lengthy history and the way some younger consumers might view it as an “old-guy brand.” It takes the opportunity to introduce a next-gen product with new features and functionality, attempting to position that product as a great choice for young and old alike.

5. Plufl

Plufl is an upstart brand with an unfamiliar product, low brand awareness, and a name that might make you do a double-take. Their product is something most people have never heard of, and even when they hear about it for the first time, they might think it’s some kind of prank.

All of this makes for an uphill battle for this brand — even if its product is incredible (and it is).

So what’s the product? Human dog beds

Because approximately 100% of its customers have never owned a human dog bed before, Plufl created an informative explainer video that shows buyers some of the great uses for Plufl see link:

But Plufl didn’t stop there. The brand partnered with Gander to embed compelling product videos on its main page — and saw a 9.7x increase in conversions.

6. Ben & Jerry’s 

Iconic and offbeat ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s always keeps a sense of whimsy and humor in its advertising (and all over its packaging). So when the brand was ready to introduce a new product that didn’t fit the mold, it leaned into both of these traits with an adorable product video:

This video ties viewers back to a familiar, comfortable brand, then shows off a new product (ice cream sandwiches — only cooler) right at the end. It’s a great way to push all that strong brand reputation and awareness onto a slightly unusual new product.

7. Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty is a cosmetics brand owned by Selena Gomez, with a mission to “break down unrealistic standards of perfection.” The brand accomplishes this by using inclusive imagery and models with little to no digital touch-ups. Its products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Rare Beauty used a quick product video to introduce a new Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil:

The video is light on details, but it does the job. It shows that this new product is connected to a wildly popular line of blush, and it shows (rather than tells) how the brand is committed to inclusivity and diversity.

8. Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy is a brand of dish scrubber that faced a puzzling marketing conundrum. Their product is much more than a sponge, but it still looks like a sponge — with a smiley face. And there wasn’t much they could do to change this lookalike issue.

To solve this puzzle, the brand created a warm, friendly demonstration video showing exactly what makes Scrub Daddy better than your average kitchen sponge:

Using demonstration videos to showcase product efficacy and show exactly how it works is a great strategy — and executed perfectly here.

9. Apple

Apple has long been a leader in minimalistic and design-forward advertising, where it combines plenty of white space with engaging product visuals and bop-worthy background music. It’s a great approach for an aspirational product in a market that’s visually unremarkable.

Take this recent product ad for the new 15-inch MacBook Air:

Is the MacBook Air a great device? Absolutely. But there is absolutely nothing visually different about the 15-inch model, and no new key features. It’s the exact same as the 13-inch version, just bigger.

And yet, Apple pulled off an ad that’s practically lust-inducing (at least for this writer, still clinging to the diminutive 13-inch version). That’s an impressive feat.

10. Athena Club

Athena Club is a direct-to-consumer personal care brand for women. It’s one of those young upstarts we alluded to when we discussed Gillette, joining a bunch of other new-school razor brands like Harry’s, Flamingo, or Dollar Shave Club.

Athena Club takes a “get real” approach to advertising its razors, showing real-life applications of actually shaving hair — a far cry from what the typical female-oriented razor commercial shows.

This product video about their Cloud Shave Foam gives buyers a quick and informative breakdown of the product’s benefits and features:

Check out how Athena Club leveraged Gander to produce and display user-generated content, driving a 9.65% conversion rate increase.

11. Dove

Dove was the first major skincare and beauty brand to shift its focus to real bodies, real beauty, and a narrative of empowerment for every body. It’s still making traditional beauty-focused products, but the brand has shifted the way it approaches talking about those products.

Check out this short video for a new line of women’s antiperspirant:

The ad shows real women and actual results for a “real world” beauty concern — a refreshing approach compared to professional models in dramatic studio lighting. The approach communicates to everyone (not just the model class) that this product could really work for them.

Tips for Making Your Own Product Videos

If you want to make product videos for your brand or business, follow these four tips for the best results.

Learn About Your Target Audience

First, make sure you understand your target demographic before crafting a video. What do they like? What are their ages? What problems can your products solve?

Draft a Memorable Concept for Your Videos

Make sure your product marketing video has a memorable concept (like the ones we showed you above). For most brands, storytelling is a natural and easy-to-use method of making videos more relatable and memorable.

Shoot the Right Style of Video

Your videos don’t have to be studio-quality, but they do need to be sufficiently clear (both video and audio), and they need to reflect the style of your brand and your audience. 

Often, user-generated content (UGC) videos are just as effective as what a brand produces internally (and they offer social proof that a good product video can’t replicate). People will usually shoot UGC vertically on an iPhone without high-quality studio equipment.

Use the Right Services To Embed and Distribute Your Videos

Product videos can be extremely powerful — but only if the right people see them in the right contexts. That’s why it’s vital to use the right services to embed and distribute your videos.

YouTube is great for some things, like full ads for big brands. But it’s not ideal for embedding product videos on your eCommerce site. 

A platform like Gander is a much stronger choice, empowering you to get the most bang for your buck. By embedding these videos on your site (with zero concerns about hosting or page speed), you ensure that the asset that you paid to create drives even more revenue for your brand.

Create Next-level Product Videos With Gander

If you sell products in eCommerce, you need a way to stand out from the crowd and keep your audience’s attention. Product videos are the perfect way to give yourself this edge.

Gander is an innovative platform that makes it easy to produce and embed shoppable video content and product videos directly into your product pages. It’s incredibly easy to use and doesn’t add any technical load or slowdown to your site.

Partnering with Gander will transform the way you show your products to potential customers. If you’re ready to see how, sign up today.

December 14, 2023