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12 Top Skincare Influencers To Follow

December 14, 2023


Skincare is a much bigger deal now than ever before, with many people including it as a staple in their daily hygiene and self-care routines. But if you spend any time online looking at beauty and wellness content, you’ll see that skincare goes a lot deeper than applying a strong SPF.

There are hundreds of skincare influencers (dubbed “skinfluencers”) online who have made it their mission to provide skincare tips and product recommendations. From board-certified dermatologists to makeup artists to simple skincare enthusiasts, let’s look at 12 of the top influencers in this industry — based on the size of their following as well as the quality and value of their content.

1. Dr. Shah (@dermdoctor) - 14.3M followers

With over 14 million followers, Dr. Shah is by far one of the most popular skincare influencers in the world today. Dr. Shah is a board-certified dermatologist who shares a wide variety of skincare tips on his YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram.

From product reviews to dermatologist-approved skincare routines, Dr. Shah offers everything his audience needs to achieve healthy skin. His massive following and helpful dermatology advice more than earns Dr. Shah a place on our list of top skinfluencers.

2. Hyram Yarbro (@skincarebyhyram) - 6.4M followers

Hyram Yarbro is an American skincare influencer who gained popularity thanks to his informative and accessible approach to skincare. Hyram started his online career by sharing skincare hacks, product recommendations, and videos debunking common skincare myths. His content often emphasizes the importance of using effective, affordable, and accessible skincare products.

Hyram promotes gentle, consistent routines focused on key ingredients like sunscreen, retinoids, and antioxidants. He's loved by his audience for his candid product reviews, efforts to promote sustainable and eco-friendly skincare options, and his focus on positivity and self-care.

3. Renee Chow (@gothamista) - 5.7M followers

Renee Chow is a beauty influencer and blogger who posts on YouTube under the name Gothamista. She started in the beauty industry by working closely with chemists in product development. There, she gained the knowledge needed to break down the scientific aspects of beauty products to her audience.

From makeup tutorials to in-depth reviews of beauty brands, Renee offers a wide range of expert advice intended to help her followers look and feel their best. If you would like to learn more about skincare and beauty products from someone who has first-hand experience creating those products, Renne Chow is an excellent influencer to follow.

4. James Welsh (@james_s_welsh) - 5.1M followers

James Welsh is a British skincare influencer and content creator with a large following on Instagram and YouTube. He commonly collaborates with his twin brother and fellow skincare influencer, Robert Welsh.

On James Welsh’s various social media channels, you’ll find product reviews, skincare routines, and helpful tips for achieving healthy, radiant skin. From moisturizers to anti-aging creams, James covers a broad range of skincare products in a way that is trustworthy and accessible to the average person. 

James is also renowned for advocating inclusivity and diversity within the beauty and skincare industry and always works to ensure that his content applies to all skin types.

5. Sofia Grahn (@isofiagrahn) - 1.7M followers

Sofia Grahn is a Swedish skincare influencer best known for promoting skin positivity and highlighting the beauty of all skin types. As a teenager and young adult, Sofia suffered from severe acne that made her the target of relentless bullying. Now, Sofia works to help others embrace themselves as they are and feel more confident in their own skin.

Sofia frequently shares helpful tips and treatments for people living with various skin conditions. However, her primary focus is “skin positivity,” or helping people with skin conditions feel confident about how they look. 

6. Liah Yoo (@liahyoo) - 1.4M followers

Liah Yoo is a South Korean skincare expert, beauty influencer, and entrepreneur known for her educational skincare content. Thanks to her background in chemistry, Liah can provide in-depth breakdowns of beauty products. She is best known for her holistic and science-based approach to skincare, and she frequently emphasizes the importance of understanding ingredients and their effects on the skin.

Along with her online presence, Liah Yoo has also launched her own skincare line, KraveBeauty, which is known for its gentle, minimalistic products made with natural ingredients. Her expertise, along with her focus on natural, science-based skincare, makes Liah Yoo well worth following.

7. Dr. Vanita Rattan (@drvanitarattan) - 603.6K followers

Dr. Vanita Rattan is a British dermatologist who provides accessible and evidence-based skincare advice. Along with sharing skincare tips, product recommendations, and other educational content, Dr. Rattan is also a renowned advocate for skin positivity and works to ensure all her followers know that healthy skin is beautiful skin — no matter what it looks like on the outside.

With only about 600,000 followers, Dr. Rattan may not be the most viral skincare influencer. However, her deep expertise and approachable style are more than enough to earn her a spot on our list.

8. Noemi Nikita (@noeminikita) - 13.4M followers

Noemi Nikita is a TikTok superstar who publishes a variety of content on her channel. When she’s not inventing a new dance or lip-syncing popular songs, Noemi covers a range of makeup looks, beauty products, and skincare routines.

Compared to some of the chemists and dermatologists on our list, Noemi may not offer the same level of insight and expertise regarding beauty products and skincare. However, if you are looking for something a little more lighthearted and fun, then Noemi Nikita may be the perfect skincare influencer for you.

9. Mairamkul Karagulova (@theOdisseya) - 238.5K followers

Mairamkul Karagulova has only been creating content since 2021, making her one of the newest skincare influencers on our list. However, her helpful product reviews and creative skincare tips have quickly earned her an impressive following across numerous social media channels.

During her time as a skincare influencer, Mairamkul has partnered with a variety of prominent skincare/beauty brands, including Cerave, Cetaphil, L'Oréal, Tula Skincare, and Clinique. While she is still relatively new to the world of skincare content, Mairamkul Karagulova is an influencer worth watching as she continues to grow her brand.

10. Dr. Dray (@drdray) - 1.5M followers

Dr. Dray is a board-certified dermatologist and skincare enthusiast who lives in Houston, Texas. On her YouTube channel and other social media platforms, Dr. Dray offers a range of skincare and lifestyle content, including skincare routines, product reviews, and other content designed to improve her audience’s health and wellness.

From debunking common skincare myths to providing honest reviews of the latest beauty products, you can look forward to a wide range of helpful content on Dr. Dray’s YouTube channel — all delivered in the friendly but no-nonsense style that Dr. Dray has become known for.

11. Dr. Michelle Wong (@labmuffinbeautyscience) - 1.2M followers

Dr. Michelle Wong, also known as Lab Muffin, is a prominent skincare educator and content creator. She holds a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Sydney, Australia, as well as a background in both medicinal chemistry and formulation science — which she applies to her analyses of skincare products and ingredients.

On her blog and YouTube channel, Dr. Wong strives to educate her audience about the science behind skincare. Her content breaks down complex topics in a way that the average person can understand, and viewers appreciate her rigorous research and unparalleled expertise on all things skincare.

12. Dr. Pimple Popper (@drpimplepopper) - 5.2M followers

It’s strange but undeniable: There’s just something fascinating about watching a professional pop pimples, remove blackheads, and lance cysts. This is how dermatologist Sandra Lee, better known as “Dr. Pimple Popper,” earned her millions of followers. In fact, her online success even led to Sandra starring in her own reality show on TLC.

But there’s a lot more to Sandra’s content than gross-but-satisfying videos. By providing her audience with a behind-the-scenes look at the dermatology profession, she can also share a broad range of helpful skincare tips and advice for keeping your skin healthy and radiant.

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December 14, 2023