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5 UGC Examples For Ads You Can Try for Your Brand

Byron Ramos
December 14, 2023


Whatever the niche or industry, one of the most effective ways of marketing is word-of-mouth marketing. The reason for this isn't far-fetched. People generally tend to trust the recommendations of other consumers more than they do traditional adverts.

A Nielsen study, showing that 92% of customers believe suggestions from family and friends above other types of advertising proves this theory. 

In today's digital world, the most common form of word-of-mouth marketing is UGC (user-generated content). And with how effective they can be, this type of content is great for ads. 

Not sure how to get UGC and ad ideas? You're at the right place. In this article, we've put together a few UGC examples to point you in the right direction.

But before we get into that, how important is UGC to your brand?

Why You Need UGC And How It Helps Your Ads

UGC, which is short for User Generated Content, refers to online content such as videos, comments, photos, articles, etc., created and published by random users on social media. 

This content typically gives a review of the product, stating their experience with it. 

So, why do you need it as a brand?

According to Adweek, 85% of consumers consider UGC to be more influential than content directly made by brands. These statistics show that users trust UGC more than they do traditional ads. 

As such, they're more likely to buy a product after seeing a UGC than when they see a regular ad. In fact, statistics show that user-generated content results in 29% higher web conversions than websites or campaigns without it. What's more, you can achieve this result at little to no cost, as UGC is incredibly cost-effective and maximizes ROI. 

These pros of UGC extend to ads made using UGC. Such ad ideas have great ROI, as they show what other users think about your product, reassuring potential buyers and encouraging them to purchase it.

Additionally, UGC ads strengthen your brand trustworthiness, improving your authenticity and customer trust. 

You can maximize all these benefits by using the Gander app. Gander makes UGC even more effective, presenting the different types of UGC on your website - and in the most engaging way possible.

You can add such content by using our embedding tool to upload high-quality UGC on your online store pages. 

This way, you can educate your viewers on how to use your product and the benefits of using them. 

So, if you have an online store, give your business the boost it needs by optimizing UGC like never before.

Now, let's look at some UGC examples you can use to build awareness and drive revenue. 

Idea #1 - Unboxing

Unboxing videos show a person unveiling a product from its box or packaging while carefully displaying its parts or features. The user typically goes on to use the product to show viewers the result.

Click here to see an example!

The above videos are great ad examples of TikTok unboxing videos. While these videos are simple and short, they can drive massive sales.

This type of UGC has such a great impact on online buyers as they get to see what the item looks like in real life. This tends to reassure skeptical potential customers that the product is worth the purchase. 

Unboxing videos are also great at creating an emotional connection with the viewers, as the viewers get to see the excitement of the unboxing. This excitement can translate to viewers, which can, in turn, influence and drive them to buy your product.  

Finally, this type of UGC has the ability to grab a viewer’s interest from beginning to end. First, they wonder what the product is, then they want to see what it can do, and finally, how good the results are. 

They're like an unveiling or a discovery that can send thousands of new consumers checking out your online store and making a purchase.  

Idea #2 - 3 Reasons Why

With this type of UGC, the content creator shows a product they use and gives reasons why they like it. 

It's like giving a positive review but with the added benefit of showcasing the item. You'll see in the videos below that the TikTokers not only stated the pros of the respective items but also displayed those benefits. As a result, viewers can see the product for themselves and understand why the user loves the item.

Click here to see an example!

The 3 reasons why videos also reassure potential buyers of the functionality of your product. They also create awareness among consumers who may have been searching for an item with those functions stated in the video. 

Lastly, when consumers see this UGC, they get eager to try out your product and experience these benefits. In the process, they hope to discover their own reasons for liking your product, as well as new ways of using it. It can be an “I never saw it that way moment” for most.

Idea #3 - TikTok Made Me Buy It

TikTok is perhaps the best place to get UGC. It has millions of users who create content from anything and everything.

Tiktok-made-me-buy-it videos are another great marketing tool. They're particularly special as they're typically a product of successful UGC campaigns. 

It's exactly what you want with UGC - videos of people using your product prompting others to make videos of themselves using the same product.

There’s an unending list of videos like this, including the ones below.

Click here to see an example!

The great thing about this type of UGC is that it reinforces other UGCs made by other creators. It not only tells the viewers that the product is widely used but that it's also worth the hype. 

Additionally, these videos can introduce your product to new consumers while reassuring those familiar with it and encouraging them to make a purchase.

Idea #4 - Product Demonstration

These are the “how to use” videos. As seen in the videos below, users give a demonstration of how to use a particular product. 

Click here to see an example!

This type of UGC is great for showing that your product actually solves a certain problem. They help customers to know the usage and functioning of your product.

In essence, product demonstration videos show consumers the problems your product solves, as well as its features. They also address concerns that potential buyers may have about the item. 

A video that does all these is sure to boost your sales!

Idea #5 - Before and After

Who doesn’t like a good transformation video? These are the kind of videos that show the result of using your product. Popular examples are before and after videos like those below centered around acne removal or teeth whitening products.

Click here to see an example!

This type of UGC reassures viewers that your product actually solves the problem it claims to solve. It prompts others with a similar issue to use your product.  

Bottom Line

Now, you know some of the different types of UGC and why they're such great ad ideas. 

Failure to take advantage of this powerful and cost-effective marketing tool will only put you at a loss and at the mercy of your competitors who use them. 

Simply put, you need UGC. And if you're not sure how to get UGC, Gander is here to help. With Gander, visitors and prospective buyers get to see your product at work through real, random people using it. 

This gives life to your product and demonstrates your reliability. 

So, boost consumer trust and engagement with videos without slowing down your website with Gander. Get started by clicking here or by sending us an email.

Byron Ramos
December 14, 2023