How Shark Tank Brand, EZPZ Drove a 215x ROI with Gander

March 6, 2023
8 min read


After appearing on Shark Tank and being featured in People magazine, ezpz saw a significant increase in their site traffic. With all the new users shopping on their site, ezpz utilized Gander as a solution to help convert these new shoppers into first-time customers. 

By using Gander’s video embedding tool, they were able to significantly increase their site engagement as well as conversions.

Here is how they did it…


Ezpz founder, Lindsay Laurain, and her husband had three boys under the age of three. They found themselves sick and tired with the messiness and cleanup after each meal. After a night filled with frustration, Lindsay’s husband said “We need a plate the boy’s can’t tip or toss!”. 

From then on, Lindsay was dedicated to creating products that made meals with kids “ezpz” and mess-free. This is how their first product, the Happy Mat came about. Since their launch on Kickstarter in 2014, ezpz has won countless awards and has been featured in People magazine and on Shark Tank. Ezpz has set out to revolutionize mealtime by designing a full feeding line to help babies and toddlers learn to safely self-feed. 

With all the new traffic they were generating, ezpz looked to Gander to help turn new users into first-time buyers with our video embedding tool that allowed them to showcase their products as well as user reviews. 


With Gander, ezpz embedded UGC videos directly onto their site without slowing down their site speed or having to write a single line of code. They were able to showcase how to use their products and how their products support a positive feeding experience. 

Outlining the key benefits of ezpz products became easy and efficient with Gander’s UGC video embedding tool. Educating new users also became quick and easy. 


After installing the Gander App, ezpz quickly experienced a large amount of success. They were able to…

  • Engage an additional 14% of their website visitors 
  • Increase their overall conversion rate
  • Grow sales by $198,837 over 3 months 

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