How Ethical Fashion Brand, HarperSage, uses video content to drive a 6x conversion lift

October 4, 2022
8 min read
Added Time Per Product Page
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Selling apparel online is one of the most expensive and least efficient way to sell clothes. Since customers can’t fully understand how a product fits and feels virtually, it’s challenging to convert shoppers.

The company also uniquely manufactures their garments with a women-owned factory in Delhi India — an important value proposition that showcases their core values of empowering women, producing ethically, and championing human rights.

However, HarperSage, an ethical fashion brand based in Austin, Texas is working with Gander to highlight their products and drive higher conversion.


With our solution HarperSage’s customers spend an average of 25 seconds per product consuming content that efficiently explains exactly why their products are worth purchasing.

Upon engaging with these videos, customers convert at a 5.28% conversion rate — which is 143% higher than the industry average of 3.67%.

By working with Gander, HarperSage has been able to not only show off the fit and quality of their products online online, but also been able to communicate why the brand is truly special.

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