Glow Botanica is a revolutionary female-founded brand that’s helping women improve their hormonal wellness.

Having launched Hormone University, an educational platform with a mission to improve hormone health, founder Ana G Herrera recognized a broad need to formulate a new and natural daily hormonal topical cream.

Given 1) the customers' low awareness of this underserved category and 2) novelty of the product — the team knew that clearly explaining the products’ usage and benefits in an easy to understand format would be of critical importance.


By working with Gander, Glow Botanica was able to

  1. Identify 28 diverse creators who were eager to review their new product within 24 hours
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  3. Educate their customers within an average of 23s of video playtime

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“Gander is a new way to quickly gather reviews, present and educate on products' usage and benefits to customers in a more engaging way. By helping us gather and place high quality video reviews - on a never before seen product - they’ve helped us explain our game-changing products in the most engaging format possible”

- Ellen Chuang, COO at Glow Botanica