How First Day Vitamins Drove a 15% Conversion Lift with Gander

First Day
October 4, 2022
8 min read
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First Day is a modern family brand that offers an Organic Gummy Vitamin for the whole family. They’ve mindfully developed vitamins that are sourced from organic fruits and vegetables; free of artificial dyes and sweeteners, fillers, and allergens; and 100% vegan.

Their gummy vitamins are not only better for you, but also is absolutely loved and craved by kids.

As they’ve navigated the ever changing privacy updates, they’ve found facebook marketing to be unreliable and have been thinking a lot about how to make the most of every site visit.


With Gander, First Day team spent <10 minutes uploading some high quality UGC videos they had on hand. These videos were a mix of testimonials from moms as well as quick snippets showing how eager kids are to take their daily First Day Vitamin.

After one business cycle, there was a 15% increase in conversion rate for PDPs with video reviews.

By using Gander on their product detail pages, First Day has been able to

  1. build trust with their shoppers
  2. keep shopper engaged as they scroll and read through First Day’s Value Propositions
  3. significantly increase the likelihood of conversion on every single sight visit.

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